Student resources

As core members of the campus community, students are crucial to innovation, progress and sustainability at MSU. Whether your passions lie in the sciences, the arts or even business, you can use sustainability as a valuable tool for shaping your experience here. So join a sustainable student group, take an interesting class and evaluate your impact; the choices you make today not only impact your future, but the future for all the generations of Spartans to come. Help us build a campus fit for the leaders of tomorrow, today.


Incorporate sustainability into your academic experience.

A growing range of cirriculum options allow students at MSU to boldly live our land-grant roots by integrating sustainability across disciplines and degree programs.


Join a sustainable student group.

Numerous recognized student groups on campus involve a focus on pressing environmental issues and allow students from any area of study to play their part in preserving campus, and the world, for future generations.


Take advantage of MSU's sustainable food options.

At MSU, sustainable food options can be found in residential dining halls, the cookies and even the ice cream! Learn how to reduce food waste at everyday meals, and treat yourself to a sustainable treat on campus.


Keep up-to-date on campus sustainability news and events.

Spartans are leading the way in sustainable innovation, and making headlines doing it. Learn about the latest sustainability progress, research and projects, and get involved with on-campus sustainability events.





In addition to the time you spend in the classroom, your MSU experience is shaped by the activities you undertake and the relationships you build. Whether you live here or commute, our campus is your home. As you belt out the fight song at a football tailgate, hustle from class to class, or prepare for the ultimate movie night with your roommates, use these tips to reduce your impact and make a difference in the Spartan nation.