Student groups at MSU

Looking to contribute to a greener campus? There are many opportunities to get involved with sustainability by joining one of MSU’s many student organizations. Find a group that fits your interests and help support sustainability initiatives on campus.


A photo of a student group near the Solar Table on south campus


Energy, water and sustainable technology

  • Engineers for a Sustainable World - MSU

    The MSU chapter of the national organization Engineers for a Sustainable World offers students opportunities to get involved in sustainable engineering projects both on and off campus.

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  • Environmental Engineering Student Society (EESS)

    The Environmental Engineering Student Society is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree in an environment-related field. They provide a unique atmosphere for meeting students with similar interests and different backgrounds, while educating members on environmental topics and working together to promote environmental awareness across campus.

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  • Solar Car Team, MSU

    MSU’s Solar Car Team promotes sustainability and innovation by designing, building, testing and racing entirely solar-powered vehicles. The team fosters a collaborative working environment to develop successful projects and compete nationally with other universities.

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Environmental advocacy and sustainability education

  • MSU Green Alliance

    MSU Green Alliance is a coalition of the student environmental organizations at Michigan State University, including Climate Reality Project, Counter Cuisine Club, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Greener Together, L.E.A.F Club, MSU Greenpeace, Slow Foods, Spartan Sierra Club, Student Greenhouse Project, and Sustainable Spartans. Other student environmental groups are encouraged to join the coalition.

    The purpose of Green Alliance is to bring together the various environmental organizations on campus to further strengthen the overarching environmental movement in our community and beyond. Green Alliance also educates students on current environmental issues through events, meetings, and blog postings, as well as political candidates' stances on the environment in a non-partisan manner.

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  • Spartan Sierra Club

    The Spartan Sierra Club advocates and educates the MSU community on the importance of exploring, enjoying and protecting the planet through nature outings, education about environmental issues and grassroots political activity. As a student branch of the Sierra Club, they strive to immerse themselves in the most pressing sustainability issues and drive student participation in such efforts.

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  • Sustainable Spartans

    The Sustainable Spartans is a research-focused student organization that investigates opportunities for campus sustainability through education and projects that address issues like energy consumption and renewable energy. They work closely with university departments and other student groups to obtain support and resources that promote principles of sustainability and environmentalism.  

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Sustainable agriculture, housing, food and transportation

  • MSU Dairy Club

    The MSU Dairy Club helps students experience the dairy industry beyond the classroom, providing educational, social and networking opportunities that drive leadership skills and promote dairy-related fields of study. Members have the chance to travel to conferences, participate in sales of MSU Dairy products and meet like-minded dairy professionals.

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  • Ecological Food and Farm Stewardship (EFFS)

    The Ecological Food and Farm Stewardship club is an inclusive group of undergraduate and graduate students who cultivate sustainable, local systems of food and community, working under five categories: activism, education, food and fellowship, professionalism and service. They participate in the Real Food Challenge, hold food and farming workshops and provide members with numerous on and off-campus activities that promote sustainable agriculture. 

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  • MSU Cycling Club

    The MSU Cycling Club seeks to expand cycling on campus and improve the local cycling community. They ride both recreationally and competitively, organizing numerous events and competitions that promote bicycle awareness and education, including the MSU Gran Fondo.

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  • Counter Cuisine Club

    The Counter Cuisine Club encourages passions for cooking, prioritizing food that is nutritional, affordable and ethical. They help students discover alternatives to the industrialized food system by holding informational cooking sessions on how to select and prepare food that better meets nutritional demands.

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  • Slow Food MSU

    Founded Fall 2017, Slow Food MSU seeks to create dramatic and lasting change in the food system. Its mission is to reconnect the East Lansing/Lansing community with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our food. Slow Food MSU seeks to inspire a transformation in food policy, production practices and market forces in order to ensure equity, sustainability, and pleasure in the food we eat. Meetings are Mondays at 7:30 in 226 Erikson.

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  • USGBC Students MSU

    Committed to encouraging and developing sustainable building practices on and off MSU’s campus, USGBC Students MSU provides students with opportunities to get involved with sustainable building projects at the university and in the surrounding area. They offer Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) study sessions that help prepare members for LEED certification testing and work with campus partners on diverse projects.

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  • Student Horticulture Association

    MSU’s Student Horticulture Association serves as a hub for students who are passionate about horticulture, encompassing landscaping, gardening, organic horticulture, viticulture and more. They offer students various opportunities to learn and gain valuable experience within the industry through conferences, competitions, community service and guest speakers.

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  • Horticulture Organization of Graduate Student (HOGS)s

    The Horticulture Organization of Graduate Students connects graduate students of various horticulture backgrounds to provide both academic and social support beyond the classroom.

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  • Student Greenhouse Project

    The Student Greenhouse Project strives to educate MSU and the surrounding areas on developing a campus community where people and the environment can better coexist. They sponsor a variety of campus events, including the Dome Roam 5K and Campus Center movies, but also attend numerous field trips and on-campus activities.

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  • Spoon University Chapter MSU

    The MSU chapter of the National Spoon University Organization provides students with information about local restaurants, dining halls and fun ways to explore food on a college budget. They promote local businesses as well as answer questions that the student body has pertaining to campus food.

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Wildlife and conservation

  • MSU Bee Club

    Working in partnership with MSU’s Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE), the MSU Bee Club advocates for bees, beekeeping and pollinators. They manage the Bailey Hall Rooftop Bee Collaboration project, which combines pollinator research and student learning by engaging the MSU community in an on-campus honeybee hive.

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  • Bug Club

    Open to everyone, the MSU Bug Club serves as a haven for entomology students and all bug-lovers. They encourage participation in MSU’s Entomology Department and help members learn about the diversity of insects. 

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  • Birding Club

    The MSU Birding club focuses on birding and other aspects of ornithology, covering topics like basic birding, bird identification, bird conservation and management, and birding equipment. Regular birding trips and informational sessions help members stay up to date on the birding industry and opportunities in the area.  

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  • Fisheries and Wildlife Club

    The Fisheries and Wildlife Club aims to enhance the education and professional development of students interested in natural resources through hands-on experience in management, natural resource education and outreach. They are passionate about conservation and explore a variety of interests, including ecology, conservation biology, environmental ethics, zoology and more. They promote outdoor recreation through numerous activities and hold on-campus events that support high ethical standards for the environment.

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  • Forestry Club

    Founded in 1902, MSU’s Forestry Club is the nation’s oldest continuous forestry club. They are dedicated to helping students experience all parts of forestry, strengthen professional development in their area of study and volunteer in the local community to maintain MSU’s land grant roots and commitment to environmental stewardship.

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  • Outdoors Club

    The Outdoors Club promotes the exploration of the great outdoors and organizes regular trips to help students connect with nature through exciting activities like white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking and more. They welcome students of all different backgrounds, experiences and outdoor interests.

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