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Today, the world requires more from us - the challenges we face are bigger, and how we respond is more important. What sets Spartans apart is our drive to pursue new experiences and uncover solutions through collaboration, creativity and innovation. Whether you're here to learn, work or instruct, you can use sustainability as a vital tool to shape your experience on campus, ultimately contributing to a better world.

A photo of a water bottle with text reading "Be Spartan Green."


On-campus sustainability tips and programs

At MSU, we strive to make sustainable practices easy and integrated into campus culture. Find information about on-campus recycling, utilizing sustainable transportation, taking advantage of MSU-grown food options and more. 

Students coming out of Berkey Hall


Student resources

Comprising the largest group on campus, students have a big impact on our campus landscape, culture and innovation. Whether you want to throw a dynamic, sustainable tailgate, or find the student group that empowers you to unleash your inner sustainability advocate, the opportunities at MSU are plentiful.

A staff member installs a street sign


Staff resources

With expert knowledge of the buildings and processes that make the university go around, staff members are uniquely positioned to identify inefficiencies, help streamline services and offer insight on improving campus. Find out how to green your work space, learn about staff who are leading in sustainability and check out MSU's sustainable policies.  

A photo of MSU faculty researchers closing examining samples


Faculty resources

Responsible for shaping the leaders of tomorrow, faculty members play a critical role in fostering innovation and helping students realize their role in sustainability. Whether you're teaching a group of engineers or a group of journalists, find out how you can get your students involved in the sustainability conversation.