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At the forefront of critical sustainability research and education at MSU are diverse and experienced faculty members, with specialties ranging from luminescent solar panels, to environmental justice, to urban agriculture. Today, the world demands different leaders - leaders who are adaptive, ethical and who understand how our economic, social and environmental systems affect one another. During their time at MSU, our students will depend on you to prepare them for that world. Continue advancing your expertise, visit our sustainable facilities and engage them in conversations about the most urgent issues of our time.


See the available academic opportunities for students interested in sustainability.

Learn about existing academic options for students who want to incorporate sustainability into their MSU experience, ranging from university integrative studies courses to the many sustainability-based majors.


Keep up-to-date on campus sustainability news and events.

Spartans are leading the way in sustainable innovation, and making headlines doing it. Learn about the latest sustainability progress, research and projects, and get involved with on-campus sustainability events.


Find a sustainable field trip destination on MSU's campus.

At MSU, we strive to incorporate leading technology into the scenic landscape that defines our campus. To better engage your students in the sustainability conversation, find a unique destination for a sustainable class field trip.


Discover environmental research done by MSU experts.

Since being established in 1855, MSU has made incredible discoveries in the areas of agriculture, the environment and public health. Follow along with the research done by your brilliant colleagues and their students.


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When you aren’t in the classroom, bring sustainability into your working and research spaces. Pioneer innovative studies, conduct pilots on campus and connect with other faculty members on collaborative projects. See how these Spartan mentors helped drive sustainability progress at MSU: