Faculty and Staff Resources

Every person has a role in advancing sustainable principles in their daily actions both on and off campus. With global challenges like climate change, fostering a sustainable working and learning environment is more important than ever. The world demands leaders at every level who are adaptive, ethical and understand the interrelationships among environmental, social and economic systems. This is not only critical for advancing sustainability at MSU, but also for preparing our students to meet the challenges they will face in their future careers. 


Sustainability in the Workplace 


Get certified for your unit's sustainable commitments.

Looking for sustainable practices that can reduce impact in the workplace? Get certified through the Green Office Program and recognized for your effort's to help MSU go green.   


Participate in sustainability training.

Grow your leadership skills and expand your strategies to live more sustainably with trainings offered through MSU and partners.


Keep up-to-date on campus sustainability news and events.

Spartans are leading the way in sustainable innovation, and making headlines doing it. Learn about the latest sustainability progress, research and projects, and get involved with on-campus sustainability events.


Learn about MSU's sustainable departments and services.

At MSU, we're not satisfied with "business as usual." Our departments are enhancing their policies with consideration to sustainability. From purchasing to transportation, find out which departments offer sustainable options in their services.


Check out MSU's space heater policy.

MSU's campus and historic buildings certainly feel the temperature change when Michigan's harsh winter arrives. Find out how you can report heating issues and stay comfortable in your space during the cooler months.


Sustainability in Academics & Experiential Learning


See the available academic opportunities for students interested in sustainability.

Learn about existing academic options for students who want to incorporate sustainability into their MSU experience, ranging from university integrative studies courses to the many sustainability-based majors.


Find a sustainable field trip destination on MSU's campus.

At MSU, we strive to incorporate leading technology into the scenic landscape that defines our campus. To better engage your students in the sustainability conversation, find a unique destination for a sustainable class field trip.


Share sustainability resources with students passionate about sustainability.

Did you know MSU has over 50 student organizations with roots in sustainability? Encourage students to get involved in a club, certify their sustainable living space or get connected university resources that will help them develop their sustainable leadership skills.