MSU's space heater policy

Michigan State University has established heating and cooling season building temperature policies to provide comfort conditions in support of the university’s educational mission while advancing MSU’s energy-conservation goals. Portable space heaters are prohibited on campus because they can create system imbalances, overload building electrical circuits and use a significant amount of energy.

Most occupants who are dressed properly for the season will be comfortable in campus spaces, as they are heated to 70 degrees. However, because spaces on campus vary greatly in age, construction and function, exceptions will occur. Building occupants who feel uncomfortable on a regular basis should call Infrastructure Planning and Facilities at (517) 353-1760. For campus customers that remain uncomfortable even after contacting IPF, low-wattage personal heaters can be purchased from Spartan Marketplace to increase occupant comfort. Unlike traditional portable space heaters, these heaters consume less energy and do not have exposed or open heating coils, improving safety.