Green Office Certification

MSU’s Green Office Certification recognizes units on campus that are taking steps to embrace sustainability throughout their work practices. The certification is a self-reporting assessment that assesses actions relating to energy, transportation, health and well-being, food and beverages, purchasing, waste management and fostering a sustainable culture. The certification is open to any MSU unit, including those located beyond MSU’s main East Lansing campus.

How it Works

  1. Identify a coordinator to submit the certification
  2. Preview the checklist and identify the unit’s sustainable practices
  3. Discuss the certification with the unit; at least 75% of employees must commit to following the actions selected in the certification program.
  4. Fill out and submit the online form
  5. Receive certification

We encourage units to further their sustainable commitments by exploring additional actions that could be implemented in the workplace.

Get Certified

The pilot version of the program is currently available. Contact us to participate. Check back in August for additional information about the program.


Refer to the following resources when completing the Green Office Certification checklist.