Sustainable Living: Reducing waste

Furnish your room on a budget with thrift store décor

Check local thrift stores, the MSU Surplus Store, or Freecycle for gently used furnishings available in the area. You can dress up used items with your own flair using the cash you save by not purchasing new, all while preventing material from reaching the landfill. 

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Make recycling easy and efficient by creating your own recycling station

Recycling stations are located in common areas of most residence halls, but creating your own station within your room will save you trips to the recycling bins. Save two boxes from moving, use one for plastic and metal, and one for mixed paper, and purchase a small trash can - you will think twice about what can be thrown away when the landfill bin holds less material. 


Save cash with reusable beverage containers

When eating outside the dining halls, purchase a reusable cup. A reusable water bottle will pay for itself in only a few cases of bottled water. Water bottle filling stations are located throughout campus. Find the nearest station near you:

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Prevent waste by eating sustainably

The number of food choices in the dining halls can be overwhelming, and it is tempting to taste one of everything. Consider trying something before you take it, or ask for smaller portions to prevent throwing leftovers away.

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Pack Up, Pitch In During Move Out

The Pack Up. Pitch In. program is an important part of moving in and out of the residence halls. This program was created over 25 years ago to divert students’ unwanted items from landfills and instead provide a way for residents to properly recycle materials and repurpose those items before they depart from campus. By increasing the visibility and capacity of recycling options at busy times of year, SLE diverts copious materials from landfills. Residents are encouraged to donate non-perishable food and personal care items to local food banks and organizations.