Sustainable Living: Saving Energy

Power Down

To help reduce MSU's energy use and emissions, follow these simple steps. This is a great checklist to use before leaving campus for extended time off too. Thank you for using energy wisely on campus. Go Green!

Turn off the lights

This simple step can reduce energy use by up to 20%! When leaving an empty room, remember to flip the switch!

Light Switch Graphic

Unplug and turn off unnecessary appliances

Even when electronic devices are turned off, being plugged in or set to sleep mode still draws phantom energy. Purchase a power strip so you can quickly unplug all your devices and conserve the most energy possible when they are not in use.

Plug Graphic

Replace fewer bulbs and reduce energy use with efficient lighting

Bring lamps and use single desk lighting instead of overhead lights when possible, and purchase compact fluorescent or LED lightbulbs, which use 75 percent less energy and last 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. 

Light bulb graphic

Check your windows and close your blinds 

Shut and secure your windows. Report any windows that don't close properly to your room cool in summer and warm in winter. Close your curtains and lower blinds. Depending on how they are used, curtains and blinds can reduce heat gain by up to 30%.

Window Curtains Graphic

Report Problems

To report problems with windows, doors or leaks, submit a maintenance request with Student Life and Engagmenet.

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