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Eco Reps are students who care about sustainability and the betterment of their campus and serve as peer to peer educators for MSU students. They engage in programming such as developing the Spartan Green Living Certification. Connect with your Eco Rep for tips on going green.

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Become an Eco Rep

Share your passion for sustainability with the Spartan community and become an Eco Rep in your residence hall! Eco Reps serve as ambassadors for sustainability and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors through education and activities. Eco Reps will receive leadership recognition for volunteering in their halls and implementing sustainable initiatives. As an approved My Spartan Story activity, the Registrar's Office will formally recognize this experience on a student's Spartan Experience Record. Eligibility: must be a current undergraduate student living in a residence hall. Successful applicants will have a passion for the environment and sustainability and be an engaged, innovative, outgoing and self-motivated person. The Eco Rep Fellowship Program is not currently hiring. We will be looking for new Eco Reps for Fall 2024. Fill out the interest form below to be contacted when applications open. 

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Meet Your Eco Reps

To connect with your neighborhood Eco Rep, email

ALYSSA: Sustainability is a way of practicing compassion and building a better life for everyone.

She joined as an EcoRep during the Fall 2022 semester! She is in her third year at Michigan State with hopes of earning a degree in marketing and construction management with an environmental and sustainability minor. A member of WBSA as well as a social media lead for MSU's Solar Race Team.

ASHLEY: Devoted to Creating Sustainable Policies in Michigan

She joined as an EcoRep during the Fall 2023 semester! She has a passion for crafting a path towards a more sustainable future for the state of Michigan in the public policy field.

VEONA: I want sustainability to be a significant part of my lifestyle so I can consciously work towards having green actions, and Eco Rep is the way to do it.

By being an Eco Rep, I can nurture my passion for the environment, understand MSU’s sustainability practices, and take initiatives to improve existing policies. I love animals, and I spent most of my time volunteering at an animal shelter. I play basketball and swim every week. In my free time, I paint portraits.

ANMOL: I believe that fostering change at the grassroots level is paramount in building a sustainable world.

By inspiring individuals to initiate positive transformations within their communities, we contribute to the enhancement of localities, states, countries, and, ultimately, the entire world. I am a sophomore studying environmental engineering and I look forward to working with all of you to contribute to a more sustainable campus.

DANI: I believe this is the time to start creating sustainable habits in our everyday lifestyles to make a ’greener’ impact together.

Dani is an SLE Sustainability Assistant and Eco-Rep Coordinator She is studying Environmental Studies and Sustainability as well as being an active member of ESSU Not only does she share a common passion for sustainability but, she hopes to encourage her peers to also advocate for the environment no matter their field of interest.

AASTHA: has a passion for sustainability, both promoting it and educating others on the importance of it!

Aastha believes strongly in protecting the environment, reducing pollution, and preserving natural resources for future generations. She is studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy in James Madison and hopes to go into environmental law in the future. She is also a photographer for MSU’s VIM magazine and loves to read in her spare time!

HARNOOR: Believes sustainability is a way to protect and preserve the environment

She joined the program during the Fall 2023 semester! Harnoor became an Eco-Rep because of her love and passion for preserving nature. Her goal is to raise awareness among others about how their actions can impact the environment around them.

JAMIE: Wants to implement sustainable habits in her everyday life

Her major is studio art. Aside from being an Eco-Rep, she loves to watch films and type reviews on Letterboxd! Jamie is passionate about sustainability because she wants to give back to the environment as well as preserve our natural resources to create a healthier environment. Implementing sustainable habits in my everyday life makes that possible!

KENZIE: There are such small efforts in sustainability that everyone can do to make a huge difference!

Kenzie is one of the SLE Sustainability Assistants! She is a third year student studying environmental engineering. Kenzie is involved in the Society of Women Engineers, Women in Engineering and Environmental Engineering Society! I am passionate about sustainability because our world is so beautiful and we have to do all we can to protect it.

LIZ: Loves recycling, upcycling, and advocating for the environment

Liz joined the program during the Spring 2023 semester! I am passionate about sustainability on the MSU campus because I have seen the impact that students can make on this campus.

ESA: I became an eco-rep because of my genuine concern for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

As an eco-rep, I am driven by a sense of responsibility to raise awareness, foster sustainable practices, and contribute to the collective effort to create a healthier, more sustainable world for both people and animals alike! I'm majoring in Computer Science and I'm a freshman here at Michigan State.

KAYLA: I hope that with this position as an Eco rep that I can encourage sustainability around campus and spread more eco-conscience knowledge.

I’m a freshman at MSU studying entomology! I hope to go into conservation and work in a national park or museum with my degree. I have five pets (three cats, two dogs) and enjoy reading , writing, getting coffee, and reading tarot in my free time.

YASMINE: I believe that knowing how to make our Earth a better place in order to build a better future is something everyone should learn about.

This inspired me to become an Eco Rep! I’m attending MSU to study psychology and become a forensic psychologist to also help make a difference that way. I enjoy hobbies like reading, watching movies, and going thrifting

Eco Rep Alumni

Congrats to our former Eco Reps!

  • Charles Grace, Eco Rep 2022-2024
  • Ellyn Skodack, Eco Rep 2023-2024
  • Rafaella Wanimbo, Eco Rep 2023-2024
  • Stephanie Pittman, Eco Rep 2022-2024