Green Stories: IPF's Computer Systems and Networking team

Serving over 1,000 employees and over 750 computer stations, MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities' (IPF) Computer Systems and Networking team is going above and beyond to reduce the impact of IPF's expansive computer systems while also exploring options for increased efficiency.

Comprised of dedicated staff, including Network Security Administrator David Graff, the group is constantly looking into the latest 'best practices' in the field of green information technology (IT) and ensuring they are not only meeting the industry standard, but searching for opportunities to exceed it. In recognition of these efforts, they received a Gold-level Spartan Green Certification in April 2015.

As a department tasked with maintaining countless computers and serving a variety of users, IPF's Computer Systems and Networking team has embraced increased energy efficiency as a necessary responsibility, pushing beyond current standards to achieve even better results.


To learn more about how the team is working to be Spartan Green, view a list of their green practices.