Students establish beehive haven in campus neighborhood

A key contributor to Michigan's economy, honeybees are responsible for a billion dollars in agricultural products each year. As their population continues to decline at dangerous rates, Michigan State University researchers are investigating colony collapse as a serious threat to crop production. Students at MSU are tackling the issue as well, spearheading an initiative to educate campus on the importance of bees in food systems and overall ecological health.


The Bailey Hall Rooftop Bee Collaboration project, funded by the Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund, is combining pollinator research and student learning by engaging Bailey Hall residents with a honeybee hive atop their green roof. The honeybee hive is providing students with a unique opportunity to manage a fully-functional colony and helping to diminish the undeserving fear associated with these critical pollinators. Without a single incident to date, the project is already seeing remarkable expansion – proving that honeybees are not only beneficial to our agriculture and environment, but that they can peacefully coexist with people in urban spaces.

For more information on the Bailey Bee Project and beekeeping, check out the MSU Bee Club.