MSU launches sustainable wood recovery program

Michigan State University's campus was built more than 150 years ago amid dense forest and wetlands, and to this day prominently features a diversity of woodland areas contributing to its park-like quality. In order to preserve MSU's impressive natural areas for future generations of Spartans, MSU's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities have partnered to launch a Sustainable Wood Recovery Program on MSU's campus.

The Sustainable Wood Recovery Program recovers trees that are removed from campus due to decline, storm damage or safety concerns, by transforming them into products known as the MSU Shadows Collection. Profit from the sale of items supports the Department of Forestry and the planting of new trees on MSU's campus.

"By turning campus wood waste into products we can absorb and store carbon that would usually be released through the disposal of wood waste," said Department of Forestry Chair and Professor Richard Kobe. "Thus creating a lifecycle strategy for our campus forest."

In addition to providing patrons with a piece of MSU's history, sales of the MSU Shadows Collection will bolster educational opportunities and provide the region with local, sustainably harvested and durable wood products.

Products from the MSU Shadows Collection are available at the MSU Surplus Store: