Students Receive Student Life Awards

Three students who have played a significant role in advancing sustainability at MSU were recognized at the 2020 MSU Student Life Leadership Awards on April 29. All three are seniors majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability.
Ethan Jodoin

Ethan JodoinIndividual Campus Impact Award

“It is a great honor to be awarded with MSU's Individual Campus Impact Award. MSU does a great job of providing opportunity to students, and I'm proud to be a Spartan.”

During his four years at MSU, Ethan has energized students that share his passion for sustainability and is leaving behind a stronger network of students interested in creating sustainable change on campus. He has served as a student leader in many capacities, including in RISE, student organizations such as Green Alliance and Sustainable Spartans, and as a researcher in the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development. He is a mentor, a convener, an advocate and a tremendous leader that will continue to inspire others upon graduation. You can learn more about Ethan by watching his SSLC Open House video.

Alexa Marsh

Alexa MarshSilver, Leader of the Year Award

“I am beyond proud not only to have been a part of this university for my whole undergraduate career, but also to have cultivated and thrived in the sustainability community that exists here. Working on the grant from Ford Motor Company Fund is easily the experience I am most proud of in all of my time at State and receiving this award is the cherry on top to the end of my career at MSU. I will remember these experiences forever and it has been an honor to have the opportunity to lead my fellow peers in the sustainability community. Thank you to my team members, my parents, and especially to Ethan Jodoin, Laura Young and Amy Butler for being my biggest supporters through this whole process. I couldn't have done it without you guys.”

Alexa has served as a tremendous leader for Sustainable Spartans during her tenure at MSU. She played a key role in helping the club win a $25,000 grant from the Ford Motor Company Fund Ford College Community Challenge. Throughout the school year, she has helped co-manage the grant with Ethan Jodoin, all while juggling two jobs and a full course load. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that Sustainable Spartans continue to engage in meaningful projects on campus once she is gone, and her peers are already working on their next project ideas. Her ambitions have had a significant and positive impact throughout the Spartan Community. You can learn more about Alexa by watching her SSLC Open House video or reading her Student Voice Story.

Courtney Boersema

Courtney Boersema - Honorable Mention, Emerging Leader Award

"All I want to do is change the world for the better."

Given her love for learning and passion for education, Courtney continually challenges herself to take on new learning opportunities both on and off campus. Her dream is to help everyone understand how the

earth works and gain respect for people, wildlife and the environment. She stepped up to implement this dream by drafting to the Michigan Green Schools designation legislation to incorporate sustainability learning into K-12 curriculum. She was fortunate to be able to submit these to Representative Brixie’s office for her consideration as a bill sponsor. Her dedication to the university and to environmental sustainability will be felt beyond her on campus time at MSU. You can learn more about Courtney by watching her SSLC Open House video.