Campus sustainability information

At Michigan State University, we are committed to boldly moving forward, solving critical problems and improving lives across the world. See how sustainability has shaped our history and continues to define our role in the global landscape. 


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Sustainability strategy, assessment and plans

MSU tracks progress on sustainability measures using multiple frameworks. Learn about sustainability-related plans and assessments at MSU.

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Sustainability in academics

MSU offers diverse opportunities to students who are interested in incorporating sustainability into their academic experience. Wherever your passions lie, you can use sustainability as a valuable skills for the future. 

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Sustainable facilities

With over 5,000 acres of iconic campus space, MSU is home to unique greenery, innovative and sustainable technologies, award-winning gardens and more. Pick your favorite, and plan a trip on campus. 

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Campus services and departments

Learn about MSU's sustainability services and the departments behind them, including MSU Recycling, the MSU Bikes Service Center, Transportation Services and more. 

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News and event resources

At MSU, our sustainability-related work is diverse, fast-paced and ever-changing. Keep up with the latest developments, research projects and findings with these resources.


Take a Tour

The MSU Office of Sustainbility offers sustainability walks and tours that showcase the ways in which sustainability is embedded within MSU's campus, curriculum, culture and community, highlighting topics such as green buildings, freshwater protection, sustainable food, and renewable energy.