Staff resources

At MSU, providing high-quality service to students, faculty, researchers and the community is at the forefront of our mission, driven by the many staff members who work not only to keep campus running, but to ensure we are leading in all areas. From testing new fuel sources at MSU's T.B. Simon Power Plant, to curating our beautiful landscape, to serving students and faculty across campus, staff are champions of stewardship and efficiency. As you grow your career at MSU, connect with other sustainability advocates, subscribe to sustainability-related news and challenge your co-workers to transform the office into a model of high-performance. 


Keep up-to-date on campus sustainability news and events.

Spartans are leading the way in sustainable innovation, and making headlines doing it. Learn about the latest sustainability progress, research and projects, and get involved with on-campus sustainability events.


Practice sustainability in your workspace.

Looking for sustainability tips to reduce impact in your workspace? Use this checklist to increase recycling participation, decrease energy use and encourage a dialogue about sustianability between your coworkers.


Learn about MSU's sustainable departments and services.

At MSU, we're not satisfied with "business as usual." Our departments are enhancing their policies with consideration to sustainability. From purchasing to transportation, find out which departments offer sustainable options in their services.


Check out MSU's space heater policy.

MSU's campus and historic buildings certainly feel the temperature change when Michigan's harsh winter arrives. Find out how you can report heating issues and stay comfortable in your space during the cooler months.


A photo of IPF employee, Ross Weaver, standing in front of an orange snow removal truck.



Transform your day-to-day responsibilities with a sustainability project or initiative that engages your coworkers in a critical conversation about sustainability. Whether it's starting an in-office composting program for lunch scraps or hosting a zero-waste event, staff are uniquely positioned to have a big impact on campus stewardship. See how these staff members gave new meaning to "Spartan Green":